2017 Club Awards

The winners of the 2017 competitions awards were named at the Awards Banquet in January 2018

The awards committee tallied points for competitions in 2017.  Points include one for every entry in a competition; points for placing in the top 4;, points for being selected for submittal to PSA; and points for any awards from PSA.

Photographer of the Year:  Jeff Stoddart

Photographic Society of America (PSA) awards

1st – Sharon Bradshaw
2nd – Ona Griffiths
3rd – Robert Pratt
4th – Lupe Herrera
5th – Jeff Stoddart
6th – Marina Schultz

Club Competition awards 
1st – Jeff Stoddart
2nd – Jamie Zartman
3rd – Lupe Herrera
4th – Marina Schultz
5th – Renee Walendowski
6th – Randy Smith