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Be Aware…..

Things to be considering or even doing….

TMCC homework for the Feb. club meeting: submit assess your growth as a photographer.  Submit before and after photos to Dawn by Feb 22 and include a goal of yours relative to photography.

TMCC club meeting Feb 26 at WCCC 7 pm

Daffadils are up.  Spring is springing.

TMCC “People” theme competition deadline March 1.

Palisade call for entires for Honey Bee Festival

Deadline for 2020 Colorado Monument Calendar

Monument Calendar

New Year Happenings

Jan 18 – Potluck Banquet 7 – 9 same WCCC meeting room

Jan 22 or before – Send Dawn up to 3 of your favorite holiday photo(s) for a small slideshow and discussion at the January meeting.

Jan 22 – Club Meeting 7 – 9 same WCCC meeting room

Feb 1 – PSA #3 competition submittals are due.  Open category.  See website for details.  Send one photo to:

Feb 16 at 10 am – Vera’s planning an Outing to Palisade – stay tuned

Feb 19  at 6 – 8 pm – Board meeting for everyone at Dawn’s house.

November 2018 club meeting minutes

TMCC meeting November 27, 2018 – Meeting Minutes by Bob P.

Meeting began at 7 pm with Dawn presiding.  Vera (VP) was the other club officer present.

The club elections for the 2019 Officers and committee chairs were conducted with nominations from the club attendees, motions seconded and a vote. The following represents the election results.

TMCC Officers for 2019

  • President – Dawn Morrow 
  • Vice President – Vera Mulder (interim until replaced)
  • Secretary – Debbie Tubridy
  • Treasurer – Amy Hudechek

2019 Committee Chairs

  • Competition – Jeff Morse / Sharon Bradshaw leading PSA
  • Publicity – Bob Peterson
  • Web site – Bob Peterson
  • Social media – Paul Gana
  • Scavenger hunt – Renee Walendowski
  • Exhibits – Dawn Morrow
  • Picnic – Renee Walendowski
  • Banquet – Sarah Miller

2019 At-Large Board volunteers (with no defined responsibility)

  • Randy Smith
  • Vicki Jones (part time possibly maybe)

Discussion included ideas for meeting formats and for increasing member involvement in the planning aspects of the club.  Generally there was only one nominee for each committee chair position and the 4 Board positions were difficult to fill.  The Bylaws allow for an officer to serve more than 2 terms if no other member is nominated/elected for the role.  Ideas provided by members: announce board member meetings to members; identify “at-large” members who might be more inclined to attend a Board meeting than a typical member; Have 2 members share an Officer position; have an agenda for club and Board meetings; have a Board meeting immediately before or after a monthly club meeting.

The photo activity for the month was suggested by Vera back in October: Provide a few photos to Dawn – Theme: “the little things that make life pleasant, things you are thankful for”.  Dawn provided a slide show of the submittals and members discussed photos and thankfulness.

Dawn provided THANK YOUs to all those who helped out during the year 2018.

Club calendars were available for purchase and members are encouraged to sell some to the public and come back for more.  $10 each or 6 for $50.

Sarah Miller, the Banquet Chairperson, announced the event will be on January 18, 2019 at 7 pm in the same building, room to be determined.  This is a Potluck with the club providing the meat. Dish assignments will be alphabetical TBD.

Sharon Bradshaw, PSA competition Chair, discussed the results for the November PSA judging, which are the photos submitted October 1, 2018.  The 6 photos with the highest scores will be submitted to the National Photographic Society of America club competition.  The top 6 photos were created by: Marina Schultz, John Dunn, Bob Peterson, Dale Rostad, Sharon Bradshaw and Sarah Miller.

The next PSA competition entries are due February 1 and then April 1, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 845 pm.

TMCC Board Elections and 2018-2019 Scavenger Hunt

The club is in need of more members who are willing to spend a little time with any of a number of ways: as an officer, committee chair, committee helper, Outing leader, speaker, etc.   Please be thinking of how you might want to get a little more involved in 2019.  Elections for 4 positions will be held at the  November meeting as well as volunteering for committee chairs.  Please check out the job descriptions under the “Documents” tab posted on the TMCC website.   Contact any current or past board member with questions or just post a question on the website.

Also, the Scavenger Hunt list of topics has been updated for the next Scavenger Hunt year.  See the Scavenger Hunt tab on the TMCC website.

PSA Entries due today

Please submit one of your REALLY good photos for this PSA competition.  The judges are not club members.  The top 6 photos are submitted to PSA and would represent TMCC in the national Photographic Society of America (PSA) club competition.  See the link on the TMCC website for information on submitting the entry.    email to