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August Club Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Dawn Morrow just after 7pm August 27, 2019.  The Treasurer balance is $830.91.   She went through the scheduled and tentatively scheduled events.  She mentioned that recent Outings had a low level of interest so she asked who might be interested in scouting fall colors on Sept 14 so folks could venture out on their own.  Approximately 6 people raised their hands in interest.  The Sand Wash Basin / wild horse outing is the weekend of September 19-22.  This is near Maybell, Colorado.  Call or text Dawn (970-216-9311) in the evening before if you want to meet the group to find out the meet up location and time.  The next TMCC Board meeting is Oct 14 at 6 pm at the Horizon Drive Village Inn. Scavenger Hunt prints should be given to Renee within the next 2 weeks.  Call her at (970-778-9740).  The activity is scheduled for the September TMCC meeting.  Those members showing at the Saint Mary’s Pavillion should pick up their photos on Friday Aug 30 between 10-12.  Otherwise Vera will take them home to be picked up later.

Dawn presented some of the photographs from the Grand Mesa club outing in July including flowers, sunsets, clouds, stars, milky way, meteors and UFO’s.

Photo Journalist Dean Humphrey, retired from the GJ Sentinel, spoke about his career and current interests with photography and provided insight into Photo Journalism.  Thank you Dean !!

Member Spotlights tonight were Mary Holmes and Jerry Bristol.  They each presented some of their photographs and talked about their photographic interests.  A sign up sheet was circulated for future member spotlights.

TMCC club competition “Abstract” – Entries and results were presented by Jeff Morse.  There were 9 entries.  They were all interesting even if they were not by definition, abstract. First place: Jerry Bristol. Second Place: Sharon Bradshaw. Third Place: Vera Mulder

Scavenger Hunt

Remember to bring your small prints to the August Club meeting.  Give them to Renee.  Enter only one photo for each Scavenger Hunt category.  Click on the Scavenger Hunt tab on the website homepage for the list of categories.  Happy Hunting.   The September Club meeting will be the viewing and voting.

Club meeting minutes for July 23, 2019

President Dawn Morrow called the meeting to order at 7pm.  No member was ready to do a member spotlight. Congratulations to Sharon Bradshaw who recieved ribbons at the County Fair.  Amy gave the treasurer report: $1075.91.  Three visitors were identified and they introduced themselves.

Club activities/reminders – Upcoming Outings: Aug 1 to the Grand Mesa / Lands End Road meeting at 6pm at Clifton City Market to ride share.  This is for flowers and then night photography with Paul.  Aug 10 Crags Crest trail meeting at Mesa Lakes Lodge at noon for lunch then hiking the trail with Vera.  Remember Scavenger hunt photos should be brought to the August club meeting.  4×6 or 5×7 are good sizes.  The categories are on the web site and on Facebook Group.  August 1 is the deadline for the next club competition.  Theme: ABSTRACT.  A reminder about the Independence Monument challenge, to shoot it like you have never shot it before.  They will be shown in the fall.  Sharon indicated PSA competition rules might change and encouraged members to be ready to submit your entry by September 1 just in case the submittal dates change.

Black Canyon Camera Club is having  competition and show in August.  see their website: for more information. Our members are showing at the Fruita Civic Center.  These will be moved to St. Mary’s Pavillion for showing the month of August.  See Vera for more information.

Matt Janson (photographer) was the guest speaker.  He spoke about compositing photos, the steps he takes, the things he considers to obtain photos that are then composited into a single photograph.  Matt is a corporate photographer based in Colorado.  His website is:

Jeff Morse, club competition chair person, presented the results of the “Monochrome” competition and discussed the entries with the attendees.  Although all photos entered are winners, the photos that placed were:

  1.  Guess Who by Mary Holmes    2. Yellowstone by Amy Hudechek   3. 3-way tie:  Full Size Render by Vera Mulder; Fisherman France by John Barbier and Union Station by Ed Kunzelman



Palisade June 15 – Palisades and architecture and people.  Meet at 10 am at Town Square, across from the Blue Pig Art Gallery

Mesa County Fair – one evening July 17 – 20 TBD.  We are waiting for the fireworks schedule to be published.

Flowers and Night Sky photography – Aug 1 – Lands End Road Observatory.  meet at 6 pm at Clifton City Market parking lot.

Deadline change for May Competition

Please take note.   The deadline for the Monochrome / Black & White club competition has been moved to June 1.  If you have already submitted you can submit a different photo during the next 30 days.  In fact, if you already submitted one and you submit a second entry, the competition chair will decide if 2 entries will be allowed.   Double down !!

April Reminders

Outing April 13 to Lyle Nichols art filled property.  meet at 930 am at his home.  511 35 1/2 road in East Orchard Mesa.

Club meeting April 23  7 – 9 pm.  Speaker is landscape photographer Brian Merry from Banff Canada.  Other camera clubs in the region have been invited.

Club competition for “Monochrome” theme.  Submittal is due May 1