Color or Black and White?

The competition judges suggested converting this image from color to black and white. Good idea? After all, texture is often emphasized more effectively in a black and white image. By removing color as a distraction, the viewer has little left to look at besides patterns and texture. And as I’ve heard a million times before… if it’s a good picture, it should still be good after you remove the color.

The only problem with that idea, in this case, is that the other thing that caught my eye in addition to the texture was how interesting it was that someone decided to match the paint color of the window trim with that of the bricks. And I simply like the hue of the color. Who knows how long it was before someone decided to cover the bricks up with white paint. But after this image is converted to black and white, the color of the window trim could be about anything. It could be green or blue. You’d have no idea that it matched the brick. Is it a big deal? Maybe not… but it was one of the big reasons this scene caught my eye. A reasonable question often asked is: “Why did you take that picture?” Converting this picture to black and white undermines the answer, in my opinion. Which version do you prefer? Just login and post your comments here. 

7 responses on “Color or Black and White?

  1. Mike Brown

    The nice thing about being an artist and creating something is you get to do what you want. While others may comment and make suggestions, in the end if they do not like what you have done, they can go look at something else.

    However you may want to be careful while dragging out old sayings. There is one that says “If you cannot make it good, make it in color”. 🙂

  2. Jeff Morse

    That was one of those comments that you scratch your head and say “really”? I didn’t agree with it. especially with this one. better with the color. and the fact that the frame was painted the color of the brick….it stood out to me. It was the story.

  3. Renee Walendowski

    I prefer color, its much more interesting. We don’t see in black and white so images for me in black and white are abstract, and have to be very simple to make sense.

  4. Bob Peterson

    I believe that I like the color version better than the B&W. The similar color between the brick and the perimeter of the window draws it together. The window, to me, is the best part and the color draws you to the window. The shadows and reflections are nice, but secondary for me.

  5. Joan Robinson

    I like the color much better too. I think the rust on the brick adds so much interest to the overall photo. I do like the added shadow as well. To me it makes the overall photo look a bit mysterious. Overall, I think it is very interesting. I could look at it for a long time.

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