Competition Guidelines

Club Competition Categories:

Projected Images (Color and Black and White Combined) • All Levels

Prints (Color and Black and White Combined) • All Levels

PSA (Photographic Society of America)


Rules for digital Projected Images:

Maximum resolution: 1024w x 768h

Vertical pictures should have a maximum resolution of 768 pixels on the long (vertical) side.

File format: jpeg

Digital or print photos that have placed for points in a previous club competition are not eligible. Photos that have not been awarded points in a previous club competition may be entered again.


How to Submit Your Projected Image:

Please include your name and image title in the file name of your image.

Email digital images to:


Projected Image Deadlines:  All photo entries for digital competitions are due no later than one week before the monthly club meeting… except as specially stated by competition chairperson.

Club meetings are the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December).

Club competition entries are therefore due the 3rd Tuesday of each month.


Rules for Print Competitions:


See rules under 2017 Print Competition


Competition Review at Club Meeting:  A presentation of judging critiques on all entries will be held at each meeting, with scoring and placement of the top four images.  Scores for photo entries below the top four will not be indicated at the club meeting.  Time will be allocated for discussion in response to judge’s comments and critique.  Images that are not chosen for points may be re-entered again in a subsequent competition.  Images that place for points may not be entered again, except for the annual “People’s Choice” competition.


Photographic Society of America: PSA competitions are separate events from the monthly club competitions.

Digital images only.   Maximum image resolution for PSA competition is 1024w x 768h pixels.

Submit one (1) digital image prior to Feb. 1, April 1, Oct. 1, Dec 1, 2017.   Please include your name and image title in the file name of your image, in JPG format.

Submit images to:

In 2017 independent judging will provide critique on each entry and will select six photos to be submitted to PSA for the Club Competition.  Submit any photo not previously selected by the club and sent to PSA.  Presentation and discussion of all PSA entries will be made at the club meeting.