PSA Competition Discussion #2

These are the judges comments for Debbie’s photograph “The Eyes of Innocence.”

Agree? Disagree? Without a TMCC meeting this month, this is a great opportunity to connect with other club members. Share your comments and keep the discussion going!

Picture as submitted…

Edited for discussion….

My comments:

Consensus among the judges is that the picture could be cropped from the left. I agree – I like a square crop in pictures like this. I also agree that the eyes have kind of a hypnotic effect… which makes me wonder if they shouldn’t be a little brighter? The colors of the whole picture are muted. Maybe that was the photographer’s intent… kind of gives a pastel or watercolor feel to the image. But let’s look at another option.

In the edited version, I’ve increased the saturation and contrast in the eyes. Overall saturation is an easy edit. For the eyes, in Photoshop I made a selection using the lasso tool. The lasso tool probably dates to the first version of Photoshop, but I still use it for a selection technique more than any other. In this case, I drew a freehand circle, just beyond the whites in the black circle around their eyes, feathered the selection one pixel, and then lightened the eyes. In Photoshop Levels, I scooted the highlight slider on the right from 255 to about 190. That lightens the brighter areas of the selection without changing the darker areas…. effectively increasing contrast. It’s important to do that just within the selection area containing the eyes though, otherwise brightening the background has an adverse effect on the picture. In fact, learning to work selectively on individual colors, elements or tonal ranges is a key ingredient of image editing.

Ed Kunzelman


2 responses on “PSA Competition Discussion #2

  1. RandynMadelyn

    I feel cropping the photo to a square format helped improve the photo. Having the fox a little larger in the frame helps. It keeps your eye focused on the subjects, the fox. Increasing the saturation helped separate the individual kits too. The pic has a lot more punch but doesn’t look oversaturated. Brightening the eyes also made the fox look more attentive and makes the photo appear to be sharper. They appear as though they are looking right through you. There is not extra clutter in the photo, which is good. The kits being a different color in the photo helps bring out the gorgeous colors of these two fox. Great pic. Wish I had taken it!

    Randy Smith

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