PSA Competition Discussion

Hi everyone! My name is Ed Kunzelman… a club member for about seven years. I’ve seen many of the ups and downs, but never a time like this with meetings and events pretty well shut down. The part of the meetings that I like best are the discussions, and so I thought we could carry on using an online forum to talk about our photographs. Our website is constructed with WordPress software, which is great for conducting an online conversation. All you need to do is log in, hit the reply button, and throw in your two cents.

I saw the PDF that Sharon created for PSA submissions and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get the discussion rolling. So in my next website post, I’ll take one of the images and show the judges’ comments, add a few more comments of my own, include a few Photoshop tips, and show a reworked picture. Of course, it’s only my opinion… there is no such thing as definitively better or worse. It’s entirely up to the photographer to make that decision. Let’s get a discussion going… it’s the only way to have one these days. If it works well and people show some interest, I’ll post another picture from the batch of PSA submissions tomorrow or the next day, until we’ve discussed all 13 entries.

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