Thursday Night Print Meeting

Don’t forget our TMCC print meeting at the regular Community College classroom this Thursday night at 7:00pm. And for those of you susceptible to a “better offer” of something else to do Thursday night… there won’t be one. Unless they’re giving away free beer at the Blue Moon, come to the TMCC print meeting!

Bring a print, or two or three. Any size. 5×7’s? Fine. Billboard? Okay too, if you can get it through the door. This is not a competition so no rules apply. Even if you have no prints to show, come anyway as we plan to make an educational event out of the program. I’ll be talking a little bit about shadows. You know… those parts of your picture filled with all that luscious detail on the computer monitor, and then print black as the ace of spades in your prints? I’ll be starting the discussion and hope some of you can help me with the answers. That’s what these type of meetings are for… to help each other solve some of the great mysteries of photography.

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