Tuesday Evening TMCC Meeting

I will be presenting all of the print entries into this years 2017 Print Competition at Tuesday’s club meeting. The participation was fantastic… 18 prints! I’ve posted my comments about each print in the attached PDF document. Hopefully, clicking on it will download properly, but if you have any trouble let me know (ed@edwardkunzelman.com) and I’ll email you the document. The reason that I’m circulating competition comments before the meeting, instead of our tradition of making them available afterwards, is to accelerate the discussion. By giving more time to review the comments beforehand, everyone can be thinking about their own response, and bring some good questions or comments to the meeting on Tuesday. I’m not planning on rehashing all of my own comments, as much as I’m hoping for all of you to do the talking. Just remember that this is a print competition… the low resolution pictures appearing in the PDF are for giving a general idea of the picture. I’ll allow extra time at the break for everyone to take a close look at the prints. It will be fun, and educational too.

TMCC 2017 Print Competition

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