April 2023 meeting minutes and resignations

At the April 2023 club meeting, Ona and Sharon resigned their positions as President and Vice President and Treasurer of TMCC. At this point the club needs members to be more active in the management and organization of the club and to keep it alive (or not ??). The meeting room is paid for through June 2023. The club meeting on May 22, 2023 will be utilized to discuss and plan the future. Email thundermtncam@gmail.com with your thoughts and ideas and then bring them to the meeting.

The monthly challenge is (revised to) “TEXTURE”, so bring some new pics of texture to share.

The minutes for the meeting are linked here.


One response on “April 2023 meeting minutes and resignations

  1. Hank Schoch

    Not a big deal, but the monthly challenge for May, as selected by Ed Kunzelman (sp?) is “texture,” not water. Half of you were already hurrying out the door when the selection was announced, so I can understand the confusion. Please bring fresh images to share which illustrate your interpretations of texture, and if you’ve been devoting your efforts instead to capturing pictures of water, then by all means bring those. What’s important is your active involvement.


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