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Minutes for April meeting

TMCC Meeting April 26, 2022 – Minutes

Ona (new Club President Protem) opened the meeting at 7 pm.  Dawn (President) and Bob P. (new Secretary) were the board members present.  10 folks were present at the meeting.

  • Possible outings were discussed.  Consensus was for an outing May 4.  Ona suggested Mack Mesa, where she had recently seen good flowers and butterflies.  Meet at the Loma post office at 4 pm.
  • The city is having “Take Part in Art” at Lincoln park on June 18.  John Barbier will provide a 3 sided shade cloth for the club booth.  Members can bring examples of our work and products.
  • Competitions were discussed.  It was decided not to have club competitions and to add a second category to the PSA competitions (wildlife).  Critique / judges sheets were discussed.  Folks generally want to get feedback on their photos and others for personal learning.  In the future, the forms will be posted on the website.   A couple of edits are needed on the Dieter form.  
  • Bob Clarke and others discussed learning work flows for editing particularly for different software.  Considering having 3 members that use different software to walk through their work flows.  Bob C. is looking for 2 volunteers.  Please email him.
  • Hank discussed photo stacking as an editing process.  Possibly this could be a topic of discussion for an entire meeting. 
  • Sharon shared another video from National Geographic, Masters of Photography.  Cory Richardson from Adventure Photography discussed his work and affects of light on his projects.
  • Sharon presented the submittals for PSA #3 and the judges results.  She mentioned that Debbie’s photo “The Bear Stare” won honorable mention and Ona’s photo “Coming Through” won award of merit.
  • Members Ona, Sharon and Dawn shared some of their recent photos and discussions followed.  

Meeting was over at 9:15 pm.  The next meeting is May 24, 2022 at 7:00 pm.

April 2022 club meeting next week !!

Tuesday April 26 at 7 pm. Western Colorado Community College bldg B rm 171. The photography club is getting back on track after COVID. Please come. This meeting will include a 30 min. video from National Geographic about using lighting in your creative photography. The most recent PSA submittals will be reviewed. We will discuss outings and possible competitions / challenges. Members can bring some of their work on a flash drive and share with the group. there will be refreshments. It is also time to renew your membership. Forms are available on the “Documents” tab on the TMCC website.

March 2022 meeting is IMPORTANT !!

March 22, 2022 club meeting at 7 pm at WCCC. Those present will discuss the future organization of the club. The current President, Dawn, will be stepping down in May. The 11 members present at the Feb. meeting seemed interested in forming a group of people to manage the club moving forward. How this looks and what will happen next will likely be decided at this meeting. If you are interested in any way, shape or form for TMCC to continue, at least in some capacity, please come to this meeting or at least email Dawn or a Board member and provide her/them your opinion and ideas.

Thank you

2/22/2022 meeting is ON !!

The Thunder Mountain Camera Club will have a club meeting Tuesday February 22, 2022 at 7 pm at Western Colorado Community College, Building B.   Same time and place as pre-Covid.  Please plan to update your membership for 2022, especially if you did not update in 2021. Bring a flash drive with some photos for sharing.


  1. TMCC plans for 2022 – Board members / committee chair people are needed
  2. Membership updates / dues for 2022
  3. Discuss Photographer Paul Bannick presentation about bird photography
  4. Sharon will present the PSA#2 submittals, judge comments and the selections.
  5. Show and Tell
  6. Sharon may bring her Masters of Photography DVD for viewing

Competition submittal deadline Oct 15

Our first competition for Photographic Society of America (PSA) is fast approaching. Submit your entry by midnight Oct. 15, 2021 to both of the following emails: AND

Also please sign the PSA permission to use photos form if you have not done this and send it with your entry.

Links: OR

Review the guidelines on the TMCC website, competitions tab, schedule and guidelines. Competitions, Guidelines and Challenges

TMCC participates in PSA inter-club competitions.  Check out their website  We are currently in the Projected Image Division OPEN category so any subject may be entered.  We are currently in Group B, having moved up last year because our entries did well. 

minutes for meeting Sept 28, 2021

TMCC Meeting Sept 28, 2021 – Minutes

Dawn opened the meeting at 7 pm.  This is the third club meeting since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020.  She was the only board member present.

Business meeting – 

  • Contact Dawn if interested in planning photo outings.
  • Memberships have been prorated to finish out 2021 at $17.50 single membership; $25.00 family membership.  Forms were provided including liability waiver and PSA release.
  • There were 11 attendees.  Snacks were provided.
  • PSA #1 competition entries are due by midnight Oct 15, 2021.  Category: Open.  Please email to Sharon Bradshaw ( as well as to the contest email (  See the competitions tab for additional submittal information. Competitions, Guidelines and Challenges

Presentation – Dieter Heinrich presented his “Photo Evaluation Handout” – Why should we learn to critique photos ?   1. Gain image evaluation skills  2. Improve your photography   3.  Learn to positively evaluate/critique photos  4. Help your fellow member   5.  To have fun in photography.  This covered categories: impact, originality, lighting, composition and quality/technical/post processing.  He also created an evaluation form with a point system.  The presentation has been posted on the TMCC web site.

Submittal Request – 

  • At the July and August meeting Club members were asked to submit 5 – 10 photos of things they had shot during COVID.  Photographs from Sharon B., Paul H., Jerry B. and Dawn M. were shown and discussed briefly.  Thank you for playing.  She requested more submittals for the October meeting.

Meeting over at 9:00 pm.  Next meeting is October 26, 2021 at 7:00 pm.