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Minutes for July 27, 2021 meeting

TMCC Meeting July 27, 2021 – Minutes

Dawn opened the meeting at 7 pm.  This is the first club meeting since COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020.  She was the only board member present.

Business meeting – 

  • Three of the four Board members (elected for 2020) have agreed to finish out 2021.  A Vice President is needed.  Contact Dawn if interested in planning photo outings.
  • Memberships have been prorated to finish out 2021 and should cover room rental and internet website fees.  $17.50 single membership; $25.00 family membership.  Forms were provided including liability waiver.
  • The current balance on the Treasury is $716, which should cover the bills until March 2022.
  • There were 11 attendees including 4 visitors, 2 were former members.  Several attendees paid membership and joined/re-joined TMCC.  Every attendee introduced themselves and identified their photography interest(s) and equipment.
  • Dawn asked for ideas for outings: star photos, night sky, unknown places, less photographed, wild horses, Crystal Mill Red Mountain Pass, Pictographs west of Montrose on reservations, street photos.  
  • Dawn will be in the Sand Wash Basin Aug 19-22 and please contact her ( if you are interested in meeting up with her near Maybell.
  • A sign up sheet was circulated to provide drinks and snacks to the meetings.
  •  Scavenger Hunt – 
  • John T. brought the submittals and mounted them on individual boards for viewing.  15 topics/words were provided in early 2020 to photograph.  Four members participated.  Thank you John for overseeing this activity, which was greatly affected by COVID-19 outbreak.  Future scavenger hunts will be discussed at a club meeting to gauge interest.

Photographic Society of America (PSA) competitions – 

  • Sharon B. presented the photographs that had been selected for entry into the PSA club competition for 2019-20 and 2020-21 PSA years.  Thank you Sharon.  
  • She discussed the low number of entries in recent competitions and the difficulty of getting judging.  She would like to utilize 3 club members as judges in the future.  
  • She also recommended TMCC participate in a second division, the Nature Division, in addition to the current Projected Image Division which has only a few rules about post processing.  The Nature Division will cost no extra and is more consistent with the types of photographs our members typically create.  
  • Sharon also stated that members should sign a release to allow PSA to be able to post their photograph on their website.
  • Deadlines for the next PSA competitions are tentatively: Oct 15, Feb 1, April 1.

Bob Clarke presentation of bird photos on his recent trip to the Texas Gulf Coast including several sanctuaries and wildlife areas.  Thank you Bob.

Submittal Request

  • Dawn requested members to submit 5 – 10 photographs prior to the next club meeting.  The photos should present some of your efforts during COVID-19, be of small size and emailed to Dawn (email shown above).  These photos will be compiled by Dawn and shown/discussed at the August meeting.

Meeting over at 9:15 pm.  Next meeting is August 24, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

Upcoming Meeting

Greetings my fellow photographers, we are going to return to in-person club meetings for those interested. We hope you are eager to join us. This year’s club fees will be pro-rated, to $17.50 for individuals and $25 for families. This adjustment is made due to the remaining months left for the year. We hope these fees will cover the cost of our website, our meeting room and our club’s PSA membership.  

We have a couple board members from 2020 that would like to resume and some who do not. If you are interested in continuing your previously elected role from 2020, or are interested in participating as a board or committee member for the remainder of the year. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. Please reply privately with your schedule availability and conflicts for an upcoming board meeting to plan this upcoming meeting. 

We understand that some of you may not yet feel comfortable meeting in person at this time, we will do what we can to include you electronically if possible. 

We are hopeful to see you all soon, Thank you for your patience. Dawn M.2020 TMCC President

2020 lockdown of the millenium, but still having fun

A very up and down year for me. My uncle died from COPD during the peak of the lockdowns so he ended up dying alone. In August we took a trip to upstate NY (waaaay upstate, almost to the Canadian border) for his memorial, we drove there so as not to be as trackable going into NY like flying in.

This is the year I finally splurged and switched from Canon DSLR to Sony Mirrorless, bought a drone DJI Mavic Air 2 and also invested in a star tracker. Some of the best investments I have made. I do not have plans to ever return to DSLRs that’s for sure.

Despite not having any meetings at the camera club, I did attend one outing at Colorado National Monument to photograph the Milky Way, during the Pine Gulch Fire, so the skies were a little icky.

Now I am working on an ebook on photographing the night sky with all new information that I didn’t have when I created my video course back in 2016. Workshops (or as I like calling mine, Photo Adventures) will be starting up as we get later in the year. So 2021 is looking a little up for me

Bob’s COVID challenge

Seeing so little of family during the crisis is difficult.  Sometimes the social distancing rules were broken.

It was a good time to volunteer at the food bank as many families are struggling financially.

I spent alot of time camping over the year, social distancing and reflecting on many things.  Our ironing board / camping table represents social distancing as well as personal allignment with the surrounding landscape.

PSA entries for March 2021

There were only 6 entries submitted to the PSA #3 competition due March 15.  Therefore all 6 photographs have beens submitted to PSA for the club competition.  We have posted the 6 entries on the website along with the previous 6 entries for PSA #2.  here’s the link to the website.

Remember the April Challenge, photographs depicting your experience or thoughts or emotions during the COVID19 health crisis.  This is not a competition.   Photos may be posted with on the TMCC website “join the discussion” tab or on the club Facebook page.    Thanks for playing and sharing.

April Challenge – COVID19

Since March 2020 we have all been living in a public health crisis / pandemic.  Hopefully the end of the crisis is in sight.  The TMCC Board is requesting members share up to 3 photos from your life the last 12 months.   Please post the photos either on the TMCC website or the group Facebook page.  This is not a competition but rather an opportunity to share your experience through photography.

WEBSITE INSTRUCTIONS:  Login to the TMCC website.  Use the “join the discussion” tab, then the “+new” / post links at top of page; title your post;  “add media” (to upload photos) and then explain your photos in the text box as you wish.  Click “Publish” (on the right side) when you are ready to finish.  Logout.

Please upload photos with less than 1 MB with 1400 pixels maximum side.

Alternatively, you could post 3 photos on the Facebook TMCC group page.

Bob’s cheery new office