Horsing Around


4:00 am - 2:00 pm

I had the honor of being invited on a wonderful opportunity, I decided to invite along my photog friends. I’ve been to the wild horse area around Cameo before, but have been formally invited to go on a great drive to seek out the wild horses up on the back side of the bookcliffs via Debeque. We are heading out before sunrise to witness the sunrise & check out the wild horses. Our guide has worked in the area & is familiar with the horses in the area, the tour she’s giving us, she’s seen above 100 head of horses, she’s seen mountain lions and even bears. So I’m game to invite my photog friends along. I’ve added it to the Camera Club Events, because it’s a unique opportunity. June 28th leaving at 4 am to catch sunrise up on the mountain. Meeting at my place at 4, Sunrise around 5:30, finding & photographing the herd.