Land’s end Photo outing


8:30 am


Land's End- Grand Mesa
Land's End, Grand Mesa, CO
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We are going to Travel up Lands End Road On Saturday, June 24th.  We will meet at the Orchard Mesa Citi Market.  I will be parked Near the Gas pumps in the main parking lot closer to the wells fargo ATM…Silver dodge truck with WY plates.  Bald Guy standing around.  Maybe with a hat.

We will head up the Land’s End road. and photograph everything of interest.  If you can’t make it at 8:30  come on up and join us.   You take hwy 50 toward Delta.  The turn off to Land’s End is about 4 miles past Hwy 141 to gateway .  You take a left on Kannah Creek Rd and stay left on Lands End road.  It’s gravel but no problem for a car.

We had a lot of fun last year,  Hope to see you up there.


And I’ll be staying up there till the evening.  I’ll be hosting a Starry night shoot of the Milky Way.  If you wanted to learn how, this is the time.  9:30 pm at Lands End parking lot.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.  970 549 6100.

Camera,  Shoot in RAW (is best)….know how to change your ISO and white balance.  and if you don’t have a remote trigger, know how to set your timer.  and Tripod!!!  bring a flashlight and a coat to stay warm…maybe a chair.  and be ready to have fun.