June 2023 Meeting Reminder

The TMCC club meeting is tomorrow evening, June 27th at 7:00. I’m not aware of a previously established meeting plan or agenda, so if that’s the case and there is none, we’ll just talk photography. Please be sure and bring a few pictures on a USB flash drive, otherwise the meeting will be short. The last challenge subject was texture. Bring those pictures or anything else that you’d like to share. If you don’t have a flash drive, you may email a few JPG images to me at ed@edwardkunzelman.com.

The approach for discussion will be this: Last month we had an informal, lively discussion regarding what we think about between the moment of seeing a subject for a photograph and clicking the shutter button. What sort of thoughts and considerations go into composing the picture? This month, with the use of club member pictures that everyone is gonna bring to the meeting, we’ll ask the question “What If…” for each picture, and explore the process of “seeing” a picture using real images as examples. What if we had changed our viewpoint or camera position? How would that have changed the picture? What if we had positioned the camera higher or lower, closer or farther away, more to the left or right? How would those choices have changed the spacial relationships of the elements in the picture? You see… composing a photograph gives us a lot of options. The idea is to encourage everyone to think before you shoot.

While there’s always plenty of opportunity to improve our pictures by studying composition, the point of the discussion is not to determine a “correct” composition, or decide which is better or worse, or put a label such as good or bad on a picture. Certainly not giving the picture a score. It’s all about considering your options, and allowing the individual person to decide whether the picture could be improved by embracing fellow club members’ comments, or not. Hope to see you there.

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