May 2022 meeting minutes

Thunder Mountain Camera Club May 2022 Meeting Minutes

Sharon (Club Vice-President) opened the meeting at 7 pm.   12 folks were present at the meeting.

  • The volunteer desk was not staffed, no one was available to log into the computer. Dawn’s husband Doug was able to connect to the internet for us.  Thank you, Doug.
  • “Take Part in Art” at Lincoln Park was discussed.  It will be held outside the Lincoln Park Barn on June 18, 2022 from 9:00AM to 12:00PM.  Paid members were asked to consider taking part through submitting matted photos for display at the event.  Those who would like to participate but unable to attend can make arrangements with Sharon ( or 970-261-7984) to collect their photos.  Our goal: to recruit new members.  (Note: Sharon thought the event was June 11 but it is to be held on June 18.)
  • Treasure report:  Deposits of Membership Dues $70.00, Expenditure to WCCC of $210.00 for three months meeting room rental (June thru August), Balance in account $775.68.
  • Bob Clarke and others discussed editing tutorials for the next meeting. Three members volunteered to walk through their editing workflows.  Bob Clarke, Paul Huntington and Sharon Bradshaw volunteered.
  • Visitors were welcomed and ask to share their interests in photography with the group.
  • Sharon shared a video from National Geographic, Masters of Photography, Michael Medford’s video on using the four types of natural light in landscape photography.
  • Sharon presented the PSA scores for PSA Round #3. Ona Griffith’s photo titled “Morning Eagle” received a Merit Award and Sharon Bradshaw’s photo “Courting Catch” received an Honorable Mention.  That gives the club a total of four awards for this competition year.
  • Bob Clarke shared an informative presentation on mirror lockup and the effects of vibration on photos with mechanical shutters.  His research led him to conclude that mirrorless cameras are effective in reducing this effect. 
  • Members Sharon, Hank and Dawn shared some of their recent photos, including photos from the club flower outing, and discussions followed. 
  • Bob Clarke volunteered to contact WCCC regarding a login and password as there are no volunteers available during the summer months to perform this task for our meetings.  He will also contact them about connecting laptops to allow projection of the editing workflows. 

Meeting was over at 9:00 pm.  The next meeting is June 28, 2022 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Sharon Bradshaw

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