Meeting minutes for Dec. 6, 2022

Thunder Mountain Camera Club – Dec. 6, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Sharon and Ona opened the meeting at 7 pm.   10 folks were present at the meeting.

  • Introductions were completed for everyone in attendance.
  • Treasure report: Balance in account $890.97.  Membership information was discussed with the 4 guests present.  Members will make a list of outings and discussions, presentations, presenters they suggest and lists will be emailed to
  • Carol McKay (and Amy) presented information on MJ Thomas Photography located at 12th st. and Hill in Grand Junction.  Carol discussed the business and opportunities/services they provide.   They have the equipment from Gene Taylors store.  School photos is the company’s main business covering a huge geographic area extending across the western slope of Colorado and into New Mexico and Arizona.  Carol discussed photo resolution and print sizes and everyone examined large prints of the same scene photographed on different resolution settings on a Nikon and an i-phone.  Examples of large print, canvas wrap and calendars, coffee cups, metal, T-shirts, albums, etc were on hand.
  • PSA competition entries were presented by Sharon and the results from the monochrome were discussed.  Three categories including projected image (PID) color, PID black/white, nature-wildlife. The club received 3 awards for monochrome entries,  Congratulations to Marina, Sharon and Bob.  
  • Bob and Sharon shared photographs with the club for discussion.

Meeting was over at 9:00 pm.  The next meeting will be January 24, 2023 at 7 pm, room 171 at Western Colorado Community College Bldg B. 

Minutes prepared by Bob P.

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