minutes for meeting Sept 28, 2021

TMCC Meeting Sept 28, 2021 – Minutes

Dawn opened the meeting at 7 pm.  This is the third club meeting since the COVID-19 outbreak in March 2020.  She was the only board member present.

Business meeting – 

  • Contact Dawn if interested in planning photo outings.
  • Memberships have been prorated to finish out 2021 at $17.50 single membership; $25.00 family membership.  Forms were provided including liability waiver and PSA release.
  • There were 11 attendees.  Snacks were provided.
  • PSA #1 competition entries are due by midnight Oct 15, 2021.  Category: Open.  Please email to Sharon Bradshaw (aussiehike@aol.com) as well as to the contest email (tmcccontests@gmail.com).  See the competitions tab for additional submittal information. Competitions, Guidelines and Challenges

Presentation – Dieter Heinrich presented his “Photo Evaluation Handout” – Why should we learn to critique photos ?   1. Gain image evaluation skills  2. Improve your photography   3.  Learn to positively evaluate/critique photos  4. Help your fellow member   5.  To have fun in photography.  This covered categories: impact, originality, lighting, composition and quality/technical/post processing.  He also created an evaluation form with a point system.  The presentation has been posted on the TMCC web site. http://thundermountaincameraclub.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=7615&action=edit

Submittal Request – 

  • At the July and August meeting Club members were asked to submit 5 – 10 photos of things they had shot during COVID.  Photographs from Sharon B., Paul H., Jerry B. and Dawn M. were shown and discussed briefly.  Thank you for playing.  She requested more submittals for the October meeting.

Meeting over at 9:00 pm.  Next meeting is October 26, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

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