PSA competitions and October meeting

Greetings.   On August 16, the club posed several questions to club members and recent club members (25 total people).  I received 14 replies.   The key questions were:

1.  please reply to this email with a YES (participate) or a NO (do not participate) in PSA competitions.   

Result: 6 yes, 8 no

2.  Also include a yes or no if you are interested in being on the competition committee, which would manage everything related to these competitions (submittals, judging or getting judges, organizing, entering selections to PSA, presenting results to TMCC, discussions, etc.).    

Result:  1 maybe,  8 no

Based on the results of this voting, thunder mountain camera club has not renewed membership in PSA and will not participate in the next season of competitions.   

The meeting room at WCCC/CMU building B has been reserved for October 24, 2023, which will be the last meeting in 2023.   Discussions about the path forward will occur.  We will need to decide what to do about any of the following: the non-profit status, the website, elect a new Board or management committee, remaining funds, etc.  etc.  

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