Upcoming Meeting

Greetings my fellow photographers, we are going to return to in-person club meetings for those interested. We hope you are eager to join us. This year’s club fees will be pro-rated, to $17.50 for individuals and $25 for families. This adjustment is made due to the remaining months left for the year. We hope these fees will cover the cost of our website, our meeting room and our club’s PSA membership.  

We have a couple board members from 2020 that would like to resume and some who do not. If you are interested in continuing your previously elected role from 2020, or are interested in participating as a board or committee member for the remainder of the year. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. Please reply privately with your schedule availability and conflicts for an upcoming board meeting to plan this upcoming meeting. 

We understand that some of you may not yet feel comfortable meeting in person at this time, we will do what we can to include you electronically if possible. 

We are hopeful to see you all soon, Thank you for your patience. Dawn M.2020 TMCC President

About Dawn

Dawn is passionate about many things. Her faith in God, the love of her life Doug and she also enjoys photography. She has enjoyed traveling this beautiful country and loves photographing diverse landscapes and a variety of wildlife. She enjoys photographing High School Seniors, and doing head shots for music and theater performers. She continues to expand her portfolio in Night photography as well.

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