Competitions and Guidelines

2018 Schedule of Competitions  (due dates shown)

  • Jan. 5 – Club competition – theme: “Spirit of the Holiday Season” – leader John Barbier
  • Feb. 4 – PSA competition- open theme – Leader Sharon
  • March 8 – Club Print competition – Theme: “Red” – leader Lupe
  • April 1 – PSA competition – open theme – Leader Sharon
  • May 8 – Club competition – theme:  Open but use only a cell phone as a camera and for processing – Leaders: Dawn and Jamie
  • May 15 – 2019 TMCC Calendar.  submit 2 wildlife pics from western slope; landscape 8.5″ x 5.5″  300 dpi   jpg format – email to Ona
  • June 1 – Club Competition – theme: Bicycles – leader Lori
  • July 22 – photo discussion at July 24 Club meeting.  Send Ed K. up to 3 photos
  • August 21 – Club Competition – theme: Human or Animal – Leader: Renee
  • August 28 – Scavenger Hunt  – bring photos to August 28 club meeting – Leader: Vera
  • Sept 15 – PSA competition – open theme – Leader Sharon
  • Sept 25 club meeting – Scavenger Hunt photos & voting – Leader: Vera and helpers
  • Nov 1 – PSA competition – open theme – Leader Sharon

Competition Categories:

  1. Projected Images (Color, Black / White, Combined)
  2. Prints (Color, B/W, Combined)
  3. PSA (Photographic Society of America)

Digital Projected Images:

TMCC will have 4 or 5 projected image competitions each calendar year.  The competition comittee will decide categories which will be announced at club meetings. Club meetings are the 4th Tuesday of each month (except December).  All photo entries for digital competitions are due no later than the first day of the month for that competition… except as specially stated by competition chairperson.  Sometime more or less time is needed for the judges……

Usually photos are scored by judges so there are some winners.  The first 4 places receive some points which goes towards year end awards.  Entries that have placed for points in a previous club competition are not eligible and cannot be entered in another club competition.  Photos that have not been awarded points in a previous club competition may be entered again.  Any photos entered into club competition can also be entered into the PSA competitions (see below).

            How to Submit Your Projected Image:

  • Maximum resolution: 1024w x 768h.
  • Vertical pictures should have a maximum resolution of 768 pixels on the long (vertical) side.   
  • File format: jpeg.   
  • Please include your image title and your name in the file name of your image.  example: Title_Joe Smith.jpeg.
  • Email digital images to:

Print Competitions:

Usually there is at least one Print competition each year where members provide a print to the competition lead person to be distributed to judges for review.  Judges are determined by the lead person for each competition.  Using 2017 as an example, see rules under the “2017 Print Competition” tab on the home page.  The Print competition in 2018 TBA.

Photographic Society of America (PSA):

TMCC participates in PSA inter-club competitions.  Check out their website  We are currently in the Projected Image Division OPEN category so any subject may be entered.  We are currently in Group C.  PSA competitions are separate events from the TMCC club competitions and occur 4 times each year.

Submit one (1) digital image prior to Feb. 1, April 1, Oct. 1, Nov 1 each year.   Please include your name and image title in the file name of your image, in JPG format.  Digital images only.   Maximum image resolution for PSA competition is 1024w x 768h pixels.  Vertically oriented photo must be no larger than 768 pixels high.

Submit images to:

Independent judging (non-TMCC members) will provide critique on each entry and will select six photos to be submitted to PSA for the inter-club Competition.  Submit any photo not previously selected by the club for submittal to a previous PSA competition.  Presentation and discussion of all PSA entries will be made at the club meeting.

Competition Review at Club Meeting:  A presentation of judging critiques on all entries will be held at club meetings, with scoring and placement of the top images.  Time will be allocated for discussion in response to judge’s comments and critique.  Top 4 places will earn points towards year end awards.  Images that are not chosen top 4 may be re-entered again in a subsequent competition. 

“People’s Choice” competition – TBD