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Comments and critique of our photographs

Do you see a story in the photo ?

I’d like to receive a few more opinions about my photo. The one comment I recall was the photo did not tell a story. That was very interesting to me because I chose this photo because of the story it told (to me). I tend to have alot of landscape and misc. rock / flower photos, so this one was outside my comfort zone anyway.  Although the story is clear to me, possibly the story within the photo is difficult to see. What do you think ?

I don’t think the judges had the title so I won’t give it here either.

thanks for your thoughts

Color or Black and White?

The competition judges suggested converting this image from color to black and white. Good idea? After all, texture is often emphasized more effectively in a black and white image. By removing color as a distraction, the viewer has little left to look at besides patterns and texture. And as I’ve heard a million times before… if it’s a good picture, it should still be good after you remove the color.

The only problem with that idea, in this case, is that the other thing that caught my eye in addition to the texture was how interesting it was that someone decided to match the paint color of the window trim with that of the bricks. And I simply like the hue of the color. Who knows how long it was before someone decided to cover the bricks up with white paint. But after this image is converted to black and white, the color of the window trim could be about anything. It could be green or blue. You’d have no idea that it matched the brick. Is it a big deal? Maybe not… but it was one of the big reasons this scene caught my eye. A reasonable question often asked is: “Why did you take that picture?” Converting this picture to black and white undermines the answer, in my opinion. Which version do you prefer? Just login and post your comments here.