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TMCC Website Logs for February

I turned on traffic logging on 1/24. Here is a summary of the first 34 days of logs.

Traffic from users logged in was not counted, but I turned this on for the next month. The traffic logging system tries to filter out search engines indexing the website, but I think some, maybe most, of the traffic from the logs is from search engine bots. I set a request for bots not to update the website index to see how that affects traffic logs.

There was a total of 160 visitors, an average of 4.6 per day.

There was a total of 467 page views, an average of 2.9 per visit.

2/3 of the visitors were flagged as linked from a search engine, but none of those references logged the search term used. This is why I think this traffic is the search engines updating their databases and not users searching for camera clubs.

I’ll add more info in a comment to this post. A lot of the extra info isn’t terribly useful.

4 Week Graph of Daily Traffic