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September Minutes

TMCC September minutes 9/26
Meeting began with voting on Scavenger hunt.
Jeff Morse opened meeting.
Old business: Renee read minutes of last meeting. They were approved.
Treasurer report: Starting balance 1165. Deposits 32.50. Ending balance =1197.66.
We have 40 calendars left. Cost is 5 dollars for the first 2 then 8.95 for additional ones. They will make great gifts so get some more.
New business:
Renee announced club competition, category is advertising photography. The job is to sell something, anything. Use imagination to sell a product, brochure photo, business, place. Think about what you see in magazine, brochure, billboard. Send your submission by November 1 to See website for details on sizing.
Also submissions for this months competition are due tonight 9/26. There is a PSA which is due on Oct 1.
Jeff led a discussion about locations that club members have been out shooting. Owl pass and Kebler not so good this year. Vail pass is over except some high spots. Grand Mesa is colorful in some spots.
We have agreed on a Connected Lakes outing. Dates are for Oct 21 3-6 pm, and Oct 24 same time, before next meeting. Ed is leading. Sign up sheet went around.

Ona presented results of the Scavenger hunt:
Faceless self portrait: Dawn Morrow.
Scene from a window: Cheryl Sweers
Street Lights: Cheryl Sweers
Angelic: Mel Morris
Smoke: Cheryl Sweers
Minimal: Bob Peterson
Wood: Renee Walendowski
2 of a Kind: Angela
Signs: Angela Claussen
Handwriting: Bob Peterson
Art: Ona Griffiths
Pop of color: Sharon Bradshaw

Congrats winners

Renee called for volunteer for the next years scavenger hunt. Vera Mulder volunteered for next years scavenger hunt. She promised it will be weird.

Jeff asked if class would like to have a class on how to do that thing with your camera that you don’t know. We will be holding his the 2nd thursday in November.  Bring camera and what you need to learn.

Jeff asked members to bring some halloween/fall photos for discussion next meeting.
Meeting adjourned.

remaining competitions in 2017

Club competitions

  • Open competition” (no theme) – Submit one of your really good or favorite photographs, any subject – due via email by Sept 26
  • Theme: Advertising photography – Sell something to the judges.  Your photo should attempt sell something, someone, someplace to the audience.  Use your imagination.  Make the judges want to own the product, travel to that place, donate to that cause – due via email by Nov 1

Photographic Society of America (PSA) competitions

  • November competition due Oct 1 via email
  • January competition due Nov 1 via email

See competition guidelines on this website for submittal information.  It is very important to submit a photo with pixel dimensions according to the guidelines.  Please ask for assistance.

email entries to:


Fall Color!!!

It’s that time again! The Aspen tree’s have started to turn. As you travel around keep the club up to date on locations as they start to change color.

Coming back through Red Mountain Pass this weekend the changes are taking place. Also saw change starting in Molas Lake. So update here, or update in facebook and get out there!

The Final Word…

… at least from me. You all are welcome to respond. First of all, thanks to everyone who expressed a positive response to the print competition. And since it appeared to help some people in their desire to learn more about photography, that’s the best part. On the other hand, I realize that my philosophy of photography and my tireless focus on detail annoys other people as well.

I think its great that photography borrows from principles of fine art to better understand the depth of composition and “seeing” gained through the broader perspective of art. However, I don’t accept that fine art should dictate the terms of how photography is judged. Photography is an entirely unique art form, and therefore should be judged as such. If sharpness and detail are not important, why have we spent roughly 178 years since the invention of photography continually improving the quality of cameras, lenses and printers to capture fine detail and reproduce it on paper?

I promise not to beat the issue to death. But if the club would like to have another competition in the future, conducted in the same manner as this one, give your opinions to the board. If you don’t like having a competition organized in this manner, tell them that too. If you think all kinds of competitions are a waste of time, well… you get the idea. It’s the board’s task to plan a course for the club. But it’s our responsibility to feed them with our suggestions for what we want as a club.

That said, I can only manage this type of event, at most, once a year. On the other hand, I’m willing to lead informal print meetings, as we’ve done periodically this year (without the context of a competition or written critiques), at about any time the board chooses to rent the room and put it on the calendar. Those are extremely effective educational opportunities because you’ll receive a wide variety of feedback and thoughts about your images from a diverse group of people. Express your interest in those type of events to the board as well.

Tuesday Evening TMCC Meeting

I will be presenting all of the print entries into this years 2017 Print Competition at Tuesday’s club meeting. The participation was fantastic… 18 prints! I’ve posted my comments about each print in the attached PDF document. Hopefully, clicking on it will download properly, but if you have any trouble let me know ( and I’ll email you the document. The reason that I’m circulating competition comments before the meeting, instead of our tradition of making them available afterwards, is to accelerate the discussion. By giving more time to review the comments beforehand, everyone can be thinking about their own response, and bring some good questions or comments to the meeting on Tuesday. I’m not planning on rehashing all of my own comments, as much as I’m hoping for all of you to do the talking. Just remember that this is a print competition… the low resolution pictures appearing in the PDF are for giving a general idea of the picture. I’ll allow extra time at the break for everyone to take a close look at the prints. It will be fun, and educational too.

TMCC 2017 Print Competition