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Meeting information

The July meeting went well as Ed led discussions about lens(s) with the 14 attendees. The monthly challenge was “architecture” and many photos from members were shared and discussed. These were not just recent photographs but some were member favorites and some were interesting parts of buildings.

The attendees were asked to consider this question for the August 22 meeting: “What is the best advice you have ever received (relative to photography)”. The challenge for August is “metallic”. Bring some new or old favorites to share on a flash drive.

meeting reminder

The next meeting will be May 23, 2023 at 7 pm. The monthly challenge is “TEXTURE”. The agenda is loose but we all need to talk about the future of the club and make some plans.

  1. Introductions
  2. future of the club discussion – member cold calls
  3. TEXTURE photos discussion
  4. PSA3 results/discussion

Bring your ideas, bring your texture photos. If you cannot attend but have ideas about the club to share, please email

April 2023 meeting minutes and resignations

At the April 2023 club meeting, Ona and Sharon resigned their positions as President and Vice President and Treasurer of TMCC. At this point the club needs members to be more active in the management and organization of the club and to keep it alive (or not ??). The meeting room is paid for through June 2023. The club meeting on May 22, 2023 will be utilized to discuss and plan the future. Email with your thoughts and ideas and then bring them to the meeting.

The monthly challenge is (revised to) “TEXTURE”, so bring some new pics of texture to share.

The minutes for the meeting are linked here.

meeting reminder

April meeting is next tuesday April 25 at 7 pm at WCCC Bldg B room 171. The challenge for April is MACRO so bring a few of your pics on a flash drive (or print) or email to The orchards are blooming so get out there and take a few photographs

PSA judge needed for PSA3

Are you interested in judging the entries for PSA3 ? This would entail you scoring each photo for technical, composition and impact and ultimately ranking them 1 through # and providing a few comments. There are 28 entries I believe, in 3 categories. You can remain anonymous if you want. You should not volunteer if you entered a photo. If you are interested, please email the club prior to sunday night April 9 at 5 pm. The judging would need to be completed by end of the day Wednesday April 12. Very quick turn around.

3 things to consider today ;-)

  1. The deadline for submitting your entries for the second round of PSA club competitions is Wednesday February 1 at midnight (TONIGHT !!). For more information see Competitions, Guidelines and Challenges
  2. The monthly challenge is “high key lighting”. Google it, plan it, find it, photograph it, tweek it, bring it to the February club meeting, we’ll talk it through.
  3. First Friday is coming up February 3. Check out the member show at the Art Center