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About Dawn

Dawn is passionate about many things. Her faith in God, the love of her life Doug and she also enjoys photography. She has enjoyed traveling this beautiful country and loves photographing diverse landscapes and a variety of wildlife. She enjoys photographing High School Seniors, and doing head shots for music and theater performers. She continues to expand her portfolio in Night photography as well.

Upcoming Meeting

Greetings my fellow photographers, we are going to return to in-person club meetings for those interested. We hope you are eager to join us. This year’s club fees will be pro-rated, to $17.50 for individuals and $25 for families. This adjustment is made due to the remaining months left for the year. We hope these fees will cover the cost of our website, our meeting room and our club’s PSA membership.  

We have a couple board members from 2020 that would like to resume and some who do not. If you are interested in continuing your previously elected role from 2020, or are interested in participating as a board or committee member for the remainder of the year. Your participation would be greatly appreciated. Please reply privately with your schedule availability and conflicts for an upcoming board meeting to plan this upcoming meeting. 

We understand that some of you may not yet feel comfortable meeting in person at this time, we will do what we can to include you electronically if possible. 

We are hopeful to see you all soon, Thank you for your patience. Dawn M.2020 TMCC President

May Meeting Cancelation

Good morning everyone,

I come with news of a cancelation of our May meeting. After a discussion with the board and learning that the WCCC campus is currently closed, we felt we would need to cancel this meeting. From what I understand, starting tomorrow, groups of 50 are allowed to group, as long as masks are worn, cleaning protocols and social distancing is followed.
We are hoping to attempt our June meeting,  barring any changes in our ability to assemble and verification that the school will be open.
I understand that there are members on both political sides of this circumstance, but we want to abide by the current guidelines for legal purposes as a club. We also want all members to remain healthy.
Our competition schedule continues as is and results will be reviewed once we are able to assemble. Please feel free to use the website or the Facebook page to let us know what you are shooting during the quarantine, whether it be backyard birds or monument sheep. I hope you are getting out and plan to share photos of those excursions.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please enjoy the holiday and remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.
If you have any questions,  suggestions or concerns, please email me at
Hope to see you in June
Dawn M.
TMCC president

Utah Life Magazine, call for submissions

I’m sure some of you are familiar with Colorado life magazine, but Josh, has started Utah life magazine as well, and they have sent out specific calls for entries, take a look and see if you have images you’d be interested in submitting. You may also want to request to be added to his email inquiries, for both magazines. I’ve been published a couple times in his magazine. Take a gander at his most recent request and see if you might have entries that may apply. (I was also paid when an image was selected)

Dawn M.

Re: Utah Life Magazine Photo Requests

On Fri, May 1, 2020, 5:44 PM Joshua Hardin <> wrote:
This is Joshua Hardin, photo editor at Utah Life Magazine. We hope you are well in these unprecedented times! Like many of you, our staff is working at home. But, we are still very busy planning future magazine stories. We like to keep our contributing photographers informed about the images we’re seeking through occasional emails sent once every couple of months or so. If you are receiving this it is because you have expressed an interest in contributing to the magazine or have published with us before. Below are photos we’re searching for upcoming issues. If you have these topics covered in photos you’ve taken, we’d love to see your work:

We’re looking for submissions for a story about Utah’s State Symbols. These include the state animal: elk; bird: sea gull; tree: quaking aspen; dinosaur: Utahraptor and many more. A list is here: and we can use any photos that picture these subjects. The deadline to submit for this story is May 11, 2020.
We’re also looking for photos to accompany a story about Old Ephraim. Old Ephraim was a legendary grizzly bear who was buried in the Wasatch Range near Logan. A stone memorial to Ephraim exists along a long hiking and OHV trail. If you have existing photos from this trail or the memorial we’d love to see them. Also, any images from across Utah depicting bears, bear road or business signs, or other grizzly bear lore, will be appreciated and considered.

  1. More info is here: The deadline to submit for this story is May 11, 2020.
    Hanksville’s Critter Garden will be the subject of a short story in an upcoming edition. This is a park near a closed motel that features art from scrap metal shaped into the forms of animals, dinosaurs and other critters. If you have existing images from Critter Garden, show them to us. The deadline to submit for this story is May 11, 2020.

We are printing a story about the Spiral Jetty. We welcome any photos of this Great Salt Lake landmark, including any unique views from lake level or aerials. The deadline to submit for this story is June 1, 2020.
Finally, we are looking at photos for our 2021 Exploring Utah Calendar and the Monumental Exposures photo department in every issue of the magazine. We usually print photos of Utah landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife or events in these sections. We keep previously-submitted work on file, but if you have new work to show us, we’d love to see it. Colorful photos taken in beautiful light, dramatic weather or interesting interactions between animals always get more attention. The deadline for these sections is continuous, though we hope to make our first selections for the calendar by June 1, 2020.

To submit, please send low-resolution preview images (about 700-1,000 pixels long) to me by email or by file sharing site like Dropbox/WeTransfer/Google Drive for review purposes. Links to online galleries will be accepted, though galleries which have the ability to download low res images in bulk, such as in a zip file, are preferred. If you have any questions about delivery methods, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If chosen for the magazine, we’ll ask for high resolution digital copies of images for publication. We pay for any images used. Please visit: for our rates and terms if you wish to know more.

As always, if you have suggestions for stories that Utah Life Magazine should cover, or ideas for projects that you would like to photograph for us, we’d love to hear your story queries and pitches. Thank you once again and we look forward to seeing your photos!

All the best,
Joshua Hardin
Photo Editor

Address: PO Box 77, Provo, UT 84601

Phone: 801-921-4585

Direct: 970-691-9011



Facebook: @utahlifemag

City Hall Exhibit!

Great news, We’ve been asked to display at City Hall as a club.
“Hello artists!
We are looking forward to your exhibit at City Hall on October 8 – January 7, 2019. On Monday, October 8th, please be at City Hall at 8:30am with your artwork. . I will make labels for your artwork. If something isn’t for sale write NFS but still put the value.”
The following items will need to get to Dawn by the night of the club meeting, if not sooner…
Title, Medium, Price or estimated value, dimensions and weight. your name, and if it is for sale or NFS (not-for-sale)
The above items must be to Dawn by the night of the club meeting September 25th.
Items must have a wire hanger to display and saw-tooth hangers will not be accepted.
Items must be delivered to City Hall on October 8th at 8:30, or make arrangements with Dawn Morrow in advance
The same items can be transferred to hang at the County building for a few months following as well. Please include if you’d be interested in displaying there as well.

Sand Wash Basin

Hello folks, as a board we plan to do fall color events for Sept.-Oct. both as colors hit the mountains and then again in town. I know several people have already explored Sand Wash Basin, some have not been able. My friend and former member of TMCC Cindy Buller and I have the next weekend planned to go from this coming Thursday through Monday. We will be staying in Craig overnight. Doug and I found and stayed at the “Elk Run Inn” in Craig for only $65.00 a night was a good place for a great deal. Anyone is welcome to join us we will be meeting up with several wild horse enthusiasts and advocates while touring around the area all of which are amazing photographers. Former member & friend Debbie Rudd will hopefully meet up with us, and we tentatively plan on seeing horses in the Piceance herd on Monday. Most of you may not want to be out of town this far, or this long, but we wanted to extend a welcome to club members who have been dying to see them, all are welcome. These horse’s terrain is much less obstructed than those on the Bookcliffs. Last year we saw well over 100 horses in a day. I can safely say you will see horses as over 900 are in the Basin. Please get in touch via cell, messenger or on this message if you are interested in joining us for all or part of our trip. We will regroup each morning in Maybell, I hope that if you’ve always wanted to do this that you will join us Sept. 6 through Sept. 10th. Here are some shots from our last trips.

June 26 Minutes

June 26, 2018

Dawn opened meeting.

Sharon presented photos chosen for PSA round 4: selected were:

Great Blue heron – Dio Musquiz

Here fishy fishy – Scott Hudechek

Painted Lady on daisy – Sharon Bradshaw

Pretty prarie falcon flying – Robert Pratt

Summer in Colorado – Amy Hudechek

When I grow up – Debbie Tubridy

That’s the last PSA competition for this year.

The picnic will be at Marina Shultz house. August 5, at 4 pm.  


941 19 1/2 Road

970-773-1186 text only please

Bring lawn chairs.  We will have brisket, bring 5 dollars for the meat.

Lori presented her competition results: The theme was bicycle, she had 5 judges.

1st place – Annette Collier

2nd place – Sharon Bradshaw

3rd place – Jamie Zartman

4th place – Bob Peterson

Dawn presented.  The bylaw changes were handed out, and Dawn made the suggested changes after Board meeting/interested parties who attended.  One of the changes is increased fees. Job descriptions have been revised. Dawn asked members to read over the changes and please email her before the next meeting.  We will discuss the proposed changes and vote.  We do not have money for scavenger hunt prizes.  Dio suggested that we have a white elephant exchange instead.  Please send your input to

Upcoming Events

As most of you know, we are looking for a Vice President to take over the responsibility from Lupe for the rest of the year. We’ve heard loud and clear that this position is a bit cumbersome, so we’d like to come up with a plan for splitting up tasks into doable positions that anyone can do. We will be discussing it at an open board meeting (see below).

1.We are having a social, You’ve asked for shorter events, closer to home, and we’d love to have our social club to be a bit more social. We’ve had several new faces and would love to get to know one another.  So on June 1st at 6pm at Tiara Rado Golf Course Patio area, we are having a Sunset Social Hour. We are doing an event close to home that is short & sweet so we can all get to know one another a bit better. We’ll have beverages on the patio, and then photograph sunset over the golf course. I hope everyone can attend. Bring your camera, because the sunsets from the overlook are breathtaking. Hope to see you there

2. Our board meeting will be held at Kiln Coffee on June 5th at 6pm. We are planning to meet in the back meeting room, but if more would like to attend we can move out into the dining area.  If you would like to contribute but can’t commit to doing an entire board member roll, please attend so we can give out parts of the job so we will have enough folks to help out with all the tasks. Here’s a list of what we plan on working on at the meeting.

  • Planning Events, Competitions, Classes and speakers for the next 3 months.
  • Filling the position of Vice President
  • Filling the position of Competition Chair, Banquet Organizers
  • Discuss non-profit status and rent costs with the remaining budget.
  • Proceeding with the calendar and other fundraising ideas.
  • Review job descriptions and bylaws and make proposal for any changes necessary
  • Discussion of raising dues in 2019.
  • Other topics as discussed

TMCC May 22 Minutes

May 22, 2018 minutes

Renee Walendowski (Secretary) called the meeting to order at 7 pm.  Dawn is absent due to oral surgery.   Renee is the lone Board member in attendance.  Lupe is stepping down as vice president.  John Barbier (Treasurer) is out of the country.

Old business – 

  • Treasurer report – none
  • Outing to Rifle Gap falls was cancelled due to lack of interest.  None are scheduled
  • Next competition theme is “Bicycles”.  Leader is Lori Curtis.  Entries are due June 1.

New business – 

  • TMCC has lost its non-profit status.  It will cost $600 and some paper work to regain.  Renee asked how many folks would be members next year to gauge the level of interest.  Cheryl Sweers has worked on the issue and has filed back paperwork for 2013-2017.  Club may not have enough money to fund non- profit , room rental and the same awards and food provided in the past, etc. without assistance.  Discussion ensued about the value of non-profit status, what do other similar clubs do, is it simpler to file annual tax return and pay taxes ?  Jeff Morse will research the options.  
  • With budget restrictions there is not adequate funds to make the initial payment for the Club calendar fund raiser, which made about $80 last year.  Club seems to support no calendar this year.  Board will decide if calendar fundraiser will move forward or not.
  • Lupe has moved out of town so the club needs a new VP, which comes with a lot of things to do including outings and helping the President plan for meetings.  Discussion included the need for more involvement from club members to plan/oversee Club meeting speakers, classes and outings.  Dawn cannot do it alone.  Discussion included how to communicate events.  Not every member is on Facebook.  The website is not consistent about emailing notices.  Emails may be the way to move forward.  Outings need to be somewhat flexible as plans change due to weather, car issues, etc.  Website updates may not be good to announce outing changes.  Discussion about the outings being both spur of the moment, just a few hours and local in addition to all day, more distant outings, which could be less frequent.  Lori Curtis volunteered to oversee emailing events to members.  Rifle Gap Falls planned outing had too little warning and was during the week, which limits participants.  No-one RSVP’d so it was cancelled.  Having 2 Facebook pages is confusing to some and discussion ensued about why we need 2 pages.  Safety in privacy for outings is one reason.  Members indicated this is a social club.  The restrictions of the bylaws may be problematic.  
  • Possibly the board will have a meeting soon and people interested in helping could attend or let board members know they are interested in helping.  The Board could assign interim chair persons or multiple VPs to get through this year.  Lori could oversee emails


  • Jeff Morse discussed photo stacking
  • Jamie Zartman discussed i phone use and processing which made photos look like art
  • I phone competition photos were presented very quickly with no discussion as the meeting ran out of time. The results of the I phone competition: John Barbier and Cheryl Sweers tie for 2nd place, 1st place to Sharon Bradshaw with 24 pts.  We will go over these next meeting for discussion.