May Meeting Cancelation

Good morning everyone,

I come with news of a cancelation of our May meeting. After a discussion with the board and learning that the WCCC campus is currently closed, we felt we would need to cancel this meeting. From what I understand, starting tomorrow, groups of 50 are allowed to group, as long as masks are worn, cleaning protocols and social distancing is followed.
We are hoping to attempt our June meeting,  barring any changes in our ability to assemble and verification that the school will be open.
I understand that there are members on both political sides of this circumstance, but we want to abide by the current guidelines for legal purposes as a club. We also want all members to remain healthy.
Our competition schedule continues as is and results will be reviewed once we are able to assemble. Please feel free to use the website or the Facebook page to let us know what you are shooting during the quarantine, whether it be backyard birds or monument sheep. I hope you are getting out and plan to share photos of those excursions.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please enjoy the holiday and remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.
If you have any questions,  suggestions or concerns, please email me at
Hope to see you in June
Dawn M.
TMCC president

About Dawn

Dawn is passionate about many things. Her faith in God, the love of her life Doug and she also enjoys photography. She has enjoyed traveling this beautiful country and loves photographing diverse landscapes and a variety of wildlife. She enjoys photographing High School Seniors, and doing head shots for music and theater performers. She continues to expand her portfolio in Night photography as well.

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