Wildflowers at Maroon Bells


2:00 am - 2:00 pm


Maroon Bells Wilderness Area
806 W Hallam Street , Aspen, Colorado, 81611
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Sounds like most folks are interested in this event, so I am adding it to the calendar. The question for you the club member is to decide when you’d like to go time wise. I will be leading/carpooling the sunrise trip. Which means similar to last year, have a meeting time of 2:00 am at my home so folks can carpool if they’d like. This puts us at the bells & able to get dibs on the section of the lake of choice. Jeff, Nancy (Mom), Heather & Brad and myself were all able to get some long exposure night shots, then the sunrise that lights up clouds and the peak of the mountain, then explore wildflowers everywhere, more active folks can take a jaunt up the trail. The drive is approximately 2.5 hrs from my home, Sunrise is at 6:02 am for Aspen, the sunrise is a little later because of the mountains surrounding the lake. If you’ve never experienced this, I strongly suggest it. There are picnic tables around the parking area where we can do a sack/picnic breakfast/lunch with those who don’t want to come up with the sun. I was thinking around 11 am meeting near the picnic tables, that way those who don’t want to be up that early should be there by then. Keep in mind that if you arrive that early there is no one in the entrance, so you can come in & park, If you chose to come later, you can get in with your own vehicle if you have a handicap placard or a child seat, Otherwise you will need to ride the bus back to the lake. There is ample stuff to shoot, so hope you will join the early morning trip. you can nap after work on Friday and then wake up in the wee hours & join us. Otherwise I recommend you leave town around 5-7 am to get up there in time to meet us for lunch.