Print Competition Info

Information and Rules for the TMCC Print Competition:

Due date and theme: to be determined by competition Leader


Print Size:

Size must be between 8×10 and 16×20

Panoramas no larger than 20” on the long side.

Square formats between 10×10 and up to 16×16.


Prints can be made on any sort of paper: gloss, luster, mat, metallic paper, watercolor paper, canvas.

Direct prints to metal, wood, acrylic or any thick rigid material are not allowed.

Mounting to foam core is acceptable but not necessary.

Please put the print in a sleeve or envelope for protection.

It is not required that you print your own photograph.

Framing and Mats:

Framing and glass are not allowed.

Mats of any color (including white) are not allowed.

Canvas wraps are not allowed.

You may include a blank border of paper up to 2” around each side of the image.

Scoring (3 Categories):

Composition: Evaluates the selection and arrangement of elements in an image.  Questions to consider: Is there a subject? Are there elements which support the main subject, or detract from it? Is there balance in the composition? Is there movement? Is there depth?

Impact: This category has always been sort of subjective. This competition will attempt to change that. To that extent, impact will be judged by creativity, uniqueness and the perceived level of difficulty for making the photograph. Also, does the image hold the viewer’s attention? Keep in mind that a photograph of Maroon Bells, for example, taken from the same position as a million other photographers, will most likely not be considered creative, unique or difficult. The choice of paper to complement the style of your photograph is also important. In other words, some images have greater impact presented on glossy paper, others might look better on an uncoated sheet. The score for impact will not be affected by the personal tastes of the judge(s) regarding subject matter.

Technical: Considers aspects such as exposure, contrast, color balance, sharpness, and digital effects like haloing, noise and chromatic aberration. Print quality will be weighted heavily in scoring. This competition is not just the same as a projected image competition. Prints show detail that projected images don’t, so detail is relatively more important here than in a digital image competition.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Photographs which have placed in the top three scores of any previous TMCC competition are not allowed. Prints may be signed if you wish, but not necessary. Picture titles are not necessary.  Color or black and white prints are permitted.