2020 lockdown of the millenium, but still having fun

A very up and down year for me. My uncle died from COPD during the peak of the lockdowns so he ended up dying alone. In August we took a trip to upstate NY (waaaay upstate, almost to the Canadian border) for his memorial, we drove there so as not to be as trackable going into NY like flying in.

This is the year I finally splurged and switched from Canon DSLR to Sony Mirrorless, bought a drone DJI Mavic Air 2 and also invested in a star tracker. Some of the best investments I have made. I do not have plans to ever return to DSLRs that’s for sure.

Despite not having any meetings at the camera club, I did attend one outing at Colorado National Monument to photograph the Milky Way, during the Pine Gulch Fire, so the skies were a little icky.

Now I am working on an ebook on photographing the night sky with all new information that I didn’t have when I created my video course back in 2016. Workshops (or as I like calling mine, Photo Adventures) will be starting up as we get later in the year. So 2021 is looking a little up for me

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