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Print Meeting!

Thank you to everyone that came to the print meeting last night!.  It was great to see so many people there and of course to see so many cool prints.  I find it energizing to see other peoples prints, and to see their ideas.  It is a motivating effect and makes me want to get out there and take some more photo’s and of course do the work to print them out.

What is also great is to see the print mediums used.  sometimes you wonder what something would look like in metallic or Matt etc.  Or in any other format.   The feedback was great, it really helps to see how someone chooses to frame a scene.

If you get a chance to come to one of these print meetings, please keep in mind that you don’t spend a fortune to bring a print.  home printer,  office depot, (color laser $2)  walmart,  It doesn’t matter, sharing your thoughts and time is appreciated!

I would of course like to send a special thanks to ED and the club for putting the meeting on and providing space. (We needed the front two rows to show all the prints brought!)  Ed your time is appreciated and helping to drive the conversation very much appreciated!

I look forward to the next one!


Make that fancy phone work for you!

My 2nd goal of 2018 was to remove the wasted apps on my phone and make room for some useful photography apps. So here a few that I found very useful to add to my phone. (android)

Hyper-focal Pro – For those times that I forget the paper chart and not my phone, a very simple and easy to use calculator for figuring out the hyper-focal distance and more!

Exposure Calculator – there are a number of free ones that work well and are simple to use.

Star Walk 2 – This is a cool app. I’ve been using and like Night sky tools, but you just have to try this one out. free version and one for 4.99 no adds.

TPE “The Photographers Epermeris” worth every penny of the 2.99 a must have. You can look at it at    Want to see where the sunset and sunrise is for your location or moon rise and moon set overlayed on maps?  this is it.

Have some favorite apps for photography? comment away! SHARE

Set a Photography Goal for 2018!

Pick one thing, and JUST DO IT! Have you wanted to learn a new skill in editing? Perhaps you have just wanted to try to shoot something that you haven’t done before. New piece of gear and learn how to use it? What ever it is think about one thing that you said, “I need to do that”! Write it down and put it where you’ll see it and let it sink into your mind till you take action and go do it.

For me I have wanted to take the time to learn (really learn) how to focus stack. Today was my real first step into that skill. I went out to McInnis Canyon today and found some of my favorite subject matter and went to it.

Copy that link to see my test photos. I don’t want to take up club space. The Twisted Tree stump really turned out well. Getting every bit of those Juniper tree’s in focus is always an impossible task….Until now! Also another favorite subject is the Rock Face’s. I love the texture, but it is hard to get the camera sensor in the same plane of focus as the rock. Look forward to re-shooting some of my favorite places!

Of course Focus stacking isn’t for everything, nor would you always want everything in focus, but when it is absolutely necessary and your subject isn’t moving…lol it’s pretty cool.

So what ever it is you want to do, get out there this month and JUST DO IT! See ya at the meeting.


Fall Color!!!

It’s that time again! The Aspen tree’s have started to turn. As you travel around keep the club up to date on locations as they start to change color.

Coming back through Red Mountain Pass this weekend the changes are taking place. Also saw change starting in Molas Lake. So update here, or update in facebook and get out there!

Value of Competitions

The reason I joined the camera club is: I know that to be better at something you have to surround yourself with like minded people. You have to be willing to work out of your comfort zone and listen to suggestions.

I would like to define “like minded People”. People that like photography and are passionate about what they do.   After the like of photography, diverse opinions are appreciated and expected.  Personally I would rather hear about how to improve what I’ve done than have someone say, “Wow that’s great” and walk away shaking their head.  Even when the comment stings the ego.  Those are the ones I try and listen to closest because they usually point out a weakness I am aware of and missed.  Don’t worry about a comment, if I think you are wrong, I will let you know in a respectful way, I promise!

I would say that I’m a very competitive person.  I’ve never been much for the, “Here’s your ribbon, thanks for participating school of thought”. I like the fact there are winners in the competition, even if I don’t agree with the result.  Not agreeing makes me think more about the photo and justify my thoughts against what I understand about photography.  Many times I realize I just need to learn more!

I appreciate the work judges do in our competitions.  It is not easy putting your opinion out there and defining it and allowing others to judge.  I appreciate the judges as much as I appreciate the effort everyone puts into the submitted photo’s.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that has good intentions and find life has other expectations of me.  It amazes me how many things can come up around the competition deadline.

So for this months competition I’m choosing a different option.  Instead of picking what I think is the best photo that requires more work than I have time for, I have chosen (yes, as already picked out and finished) something I like and I am be happy with.  Is it the greatest photo ever? No Elvis was standing sideways showing his pot belly, and holding the unicorn with it’s head not facing the camera. The most important thing is I picked something out that I could get ready in the time I had available.

I chose to share a moment of my life that represented a day of exploration, wonder & amazement, sadness, joy, madness, danger, fear, exhilaration, triumph, and pain.

It’s all there in that photo. If you don’t see it than you will have to ask, because every photo is seen differently through the lens of the persons own mind.  Maybe you will see something else. I might be wrong? it happens.

This month, share a moment of a day of your life with all of us, and submit a photo for the this months photo contest. It’s an open subject. Share with us what you like.  Submit a brief moment of life as you saw it for 1/250th of a second + or -.  Mine will be there!

If you need help sizing it please email to me before submitting to I would be happy to help.

I most would like to thank the people that host the competitions!

One last thought. A long time ago I was taught the difference between participation and commitment. At Breakfast the chicken participates by providing you eggs. The pig is committed!

Please commit!