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TMCC April Minutes

Dawn Morrow called meeting to order.
New business: On May 13th will be our next outing. Meet at Dawns house for trip all day to see the wild horses in the Bookcliffs. Need a high clearance vehicle or arrange ride with someone going. Bring a sack lunch, drinks and sunscreen. This is sun only outing, if raining it will be cancelled. Email Dawn if you want to go and don’t have a high clearance vehicle.
Contact her for address, I don’t want to post here.
Dawn announced she will be doing competition for May. Read on for details.
Treasurer report: Begin balance: 1326.53. Expenses for 6 mo rent, web site, and calendar=691.05. Ending balance =730.48.
Debbie Rudd gave presentation on her outings with the Grand Valley Audubon Society, the owl prowl. On the canal trail in redlands they saw the Great horned owl. This trail is behind the Safeway in the Redlands. Then she visited the burrowing owl near the state line, Nice photos of these as well. Burrowing owls move around and if not disturbed for about 3 wks they will stay. They will live in prairie dog holes. On May 19th they will be banding Screech owls. She also visited a barn owl nesting by the Clifton ponds. They are declining due to development and are difficult to see, and they come out only at night.
Renee showed her homework assignment from Jeff’s 10 different shots.
Margie spoke about our Picnic. Tenative date is June 4th at the Riverfront Park in Palisade. Time is 3 to 7.
Sign up on sign up sheet.
Donna gave presentation on the TMCC calendar. Bob Pratt got the cover photo. Congrats to Bob!
Donna also showed some photos of her trip to Canyonlands at the Needles district. She advised that while parked there just for the day, a squirrel ate through hoses in her vehicle and they had to be towed all the way back to Junction. Beware of these critters if you go there and try to block them from eating your car.
Sharon Bradshaw presented the PSA submissions. They have not been judged yet.
Dawn announced the next competition for May-submit a portrait photo. Deadline is May 8th. To Thats coming up in one week photographers so find your pretty portrait.
Meeting adjourned.

Snack sign up

Here the sign up sheet for drinks and snacks, for those who have a hard time remembering that you signed up months ago. A few empty spots too, so if you didn’t, you can join in the fun.

April: Marina (snacks); Bob P drinks/  May:  Margi B (snacks) and Paul (drinks)/  June: Cheryl (snacks) Mel (drinks); July: no one ( snack) Sharon (drinks)/ August: Ona (snacks), no one -drinks / Sept:  Marilyn R (snacks), no one for drinks/  Oct:  Luesa (snack) Lupe (drinks),  Nov: Herb??? snack, Jeff (drinks) -which Jeff I dont know.

Hee hee

TMCC March minutes

Dawn Morrow opened meeting and made introductions, welcomed visitors.
Donna Fullerton gave her presentation of her photo walk with the National Geographic Staff in Yellowstone. She shared some of her photos. Congratulations Donna on being selected and the wonderful work you did while there.
Representative from Colorado National Monument came to briefy talk about the calendars available. This coming year they also plan to make different calendars as well. They will be having some walks and talks coming soon so stay tuned for announcements.
Upcoming outings: April 22: Mt Garfield hike with Jeff. In May (date to be determined) we will be going to the wild horse area.
Treasurer report: Ona reported that for last month begin balance was 971.53. 0 expenses. Ending balance is 1326.53.
New business: Ona wants to raise money for the club by doing a Calendar and selling them. Theme is flowers around the Grand Valley. Handout:
Our idea is to showcase member photos of flowers in or around the Grand Valley (Western Slope) in a calendar. We are asking members to submit 3 of their favorite flower shots to Donna Fullerton by April 10. The photos submitted will need to be sized to 5.5 x 8.5 “ 300 dpi in landscape format. There will be space for 12 large and 36-48 smaller spaces.
If we are able to get it put together and submitted to printer very shortly the cost of each calendar would be between 3-5 dollars per calendar. We are looking for this as a potential fund raiser for TMCC. The club would pay for the initial cost of printing. The calendars would be available to club members at a nominal cost. Any remaining calendars would be able to be sold at a higher price to the public. It would also be good publicity for the club.
Other new business: Dawn is planning a yard sale this spring with some camera gear.
We also are planning a booth at Farmers Market. This is at a non profit price so anything sold there has to go to the Club.
April 14th is the deadline for next PSA.
Sharon Bradshaw gave presentation on the last PSA photos. Winners were Dawn Morrow, Sharon Bradshaw, Ed Kunzelman, Lupe Herrera, Ona Griffiths, and Marina Schultz. Congrats to the winners.
Dawn Morrow wants ideas for classes that you would like to have. Next week is the last photoshop class with Mike. Email Dawn if you have an outing you would like to have, classes you want to see, or if you have presentation for club.
Jeff announced that this Saturday he will be hiking the Palisade Rim Trail.
Ed Kunzelman did presentation on Jeff’s homework assignment of 10 different shots.
Ed announced that on April 7th there is Critique of Art at the Colorado Art Center from 7-9. This is the first friday in April.
Jeff is planning another homework assignment so keep tuned to the Facebook page.

February minutes

TMCC February 28 minutes
Dawn opened meeting and introduced visitors.
In November PSA Robert Pratt received an honors award for his Western swallowtail photo. Sharon Bradshaw received honorable mention for her Moose with twins photo. Sharon was not present.
Jeff has an assignment for next month. In March he wants you to bring your 10 different shots on a flash drive. The challenge is to find your subject and shoot it 10 different ways, later Ed will show his.
Treasurer report: Ona started out with 543, She paid out 317. There was 745 in dues collected, for a balance of 971.53.
There is a deadline for the National Monument Calendar photo contest – March 31. See Angela’s post on our website for more details.
Dawn passed around some flyers on a former club member who has some camera equipment for sale.
Other new business:
Events: March 9th: Waterdrop class from 7 to 9 pm. Bring camera, tripod, and things to reflect into water.
March 25: Street shoot in Telluride. Meeting at Baked in Telluride. On Fir Street at 0830. Email Renee please if coming:  There is on street parking in Telluride, pay meters. There is a free lot at Mountain Village called the Heritage parking garage and then you can ride the free gondola to Telluride and get great views.
Next Meeting March 28 Donna Fullerton presents her photo walks at Yellowstone with National Geographic magazine.
Next Tuesday March 7 Ed wants to have his print meeting at Library. (This was changed to the college due to number of people who signed up).
Mike Brown gave his presentation on Color space, and how to get best results when working on your computer screen.
Ed Kunzelman gave his presentation on photographing rusty old car 10 different ways.

January minutes

Minutes TMCC 1/24/17
Jeff Morris called meeting to order. He did introduction. Visitors introduced themselves. President Dawn Morrow asked for everyone to fill out application and waiver. Last meeting minutes were approved by Renee, and Sharon. Board members introduced: Dawn Morrow President, Jeff Morse VP, Ona Griffiths is treasurer and Renee Walendowski is Secretary.
Old business: Treasurer report: 661.64 dollars. She paid rent for January so we now have 543.84. Also Debbie passed out new member applications and waivers on back.
Dawn introduced Mike Brown who is teaching Photoshop CC classes, 2 x each month. They will be the 1st and 3rd Wed of each month. They are at Frame Depot from 7 to 9, you must have Photoshop CC on a laptop. Mikes email is Email him for the instructions.
New Business/Plans for this year discussion:
Jeff and Dawn introduced outings planned:
February: Moab trip later part of Feb. Date TBD
Wild horses outing Bookcliffs in April or May, depends on when the roads dry out enough.
Kens Lake: date TBD
Castle Valley: separate trip from the Moab trip, date TBD.
Palisade to shoot the peach trees in bloom End of April or when they bloom.
Palisade Rim Trail: this is a hiking trip TBD.
Astronomy outing to do Night sky, end of August.
Member ideas submitted: Antelope valley, Zion NP, Crevaces into the Bookcliffs.
Other business: Dawn explains the TMCC Facebook page, and Group page. She will be posting events and outings there. Dawn is willing to help people to learn how to use Facebook if they don’t know how.
PSA discussion: Sharon Bradshaw is changing the way PSA is judged. She is going to use 3 independent judges who will also be giving feedback. Due dates are Feb 10, and April 14. The competition is open, and you can submit only 1 photo.
Please send your photo to Please everyone submit 1 image with your name and the name of the photo.
Dawn inquires to class what they want for instructional classes. Dawn is offering a lightroom class, she will also do one on one instruction. Work out with her email is Ideas presented: Beginner photography, Real Estate photography, understanding and using natural light. Mike Brown volunteered to teach digital class, and maybe studio lighting for portrait. Mike will also talk about color calibration. James Payne will try to teach a class on getting photo ready for printing.
We return to outing discussion. Jeff Morse will lead outings. In summer (July) have a wildflower outing on the Mesa. Another outing is on Glade Park- the potholes and Miracle rock—dateTBD. Next outing is Dog Sled races on Mesa Top Meet 8 am McDonalds in Clifton.
Other new business: Jeff wants to try a newsletter. Jamie Zartman has idea for a cell phone photo competition. Chuck volunteered to do a workshop.
Chairperson selections:
Summer Picnic: Margie, Sharon, Lupe
End of year Banquet: Ona and Joan
Scavenger Hunt: Dawn explained scavenger hunt. Ona is chairperson, we will need to revisit this for new person in fall.
Publicity Chair: includes helping keep Facebook page, website posting: Lupe, Dawn and Jeff Morse. Annette will help with looking stuff up.
Exhibit chair: No volunteer, but Jeff will help with easels.
Competition Chair committee: Debbie, Sharon, Dawn. Ed will do a print competition
We ended meeting with presentation of club members top 3 photos.
Jeff says to look up on Utube: The Art of Photography. Jeff challenges club to take 10 different views of one thing when out shooting.
Meeting adjourned.