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July TMCC Meeting

Send me up to three images for discussion at the next TMCC meeting on July 24th. No rules. Any theme. Not a competition. Just don’t email me a huge file straight out of the camera… please keep them under 2 megabytes.

If you want us to make a little extra effort to critique your picture, just ask when you email your pictures. Remember though, a critique is nothing more than saying what we see in a picture. It can be interpreted as good or bad, depending on perceptions. It doesn’t necessarily mean we’re gonna fix or change your picture as if someone else were making the picture.

The discussion will be in the spirit of Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous quote: “You write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see of the flower – and I don’t.”

Send your pictures to

TMCC Club Meeting Tuesday; Print Meeting Wednesday 7:00

Don’t forget the club meeting Tuesday (Feb 27th) AND we have a print meeting on Wednesday night (Feb 28th) too. The print meeting on Wednesday, for those who have not attended one before, is an informal discussion about all things photography. It’s not a competition, so there are no rules. Bring one print any size, or however many you want, or just come and look. I’ll be bringing a collection of flower photographs that I’ve been working on since December, and talking about the process of making the images… from abstract, dried, frozen in ice, black and white, high-key, to close-up macro.