July stuff

The Board is trying to decide about the July meeting.  Please email tmcccontests@gmail.com before saturday if you would attend a meeting at our usual location on July 28.  Then we can get a head count to see if having an in-persoon meeting is feasible, with a max 20 allowed with masks.  Also let us know if you would attend if a meeting was virtual using zoom or similar platform.

Weekly Challenge – the Neowise comet is viewable this week at least.  Go out and shoot it with a friend or two and post the best effort on theTMCC Facebook group page.

The Milky way is high in the sky in July so why be shy and lie in bed and not try to eye it through the cameri.  Small group outing is needed.

The Scavenger Hunt submittal of photos is coming up in August.  Get out, shoot those winning photographs, get-r-done.  Print your photos, 4×6, labelled and ready to enter.  Details on how we might do this will be forth coming.  Beer in a park might be involved towards the end of August.

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