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Snack sign up

Here the sign up sheet for drinks and snacks, for those who have a hard time remembering that you signed up months ago. A few empty spots too, so if you didn’t, you can join in the fun.

April: Marina (snacks); Bob P drinks/  May:  Margi B (snacks) and Paul (drinks)/  June: Cheryl (snacks) Mel (drinks); July: no one ( snack) Sharon (drinks)/ August: Ona (snacks), no one -drinks / Sept:  Marilyn R (snacks), no one for drinks/  Oct:  Luesa (snack) Lupe (drinks),  Nov: Herb??? snack, Jeff (drinks) -which Jeff I dont know.

Hee hee

Calendar Ordered – Beautiful Flowers of the Western Slope

Spring Greetings TMCC Photographers!

The order for the 2018 calendar has been placed for 100 with a 15% off! Wahhoo! Should be received in about 10 days. $5.00 each for club members for your own use to keep or sell.

There will be 12 different members’ photos on each month, the cover winner’s photo also has a month. Along with this are 3 smaller photos on each month in the date slots. The photos were chosen for correct size, color, type of flower, then clarity and composition. An art/photography quote was added for each month as well.

Thank you to everyone submitting their beautiful flower photos. What a talented bunch of photographers we have!

Oh, please have your animal shots ready for next year. 🙂

Bradshaw, Sharon
Collier, Annette
Curtis, Lori
Fullerton, Donna
Gana, Paul
Griffiths, Ona
Miller, Sarah
Morrow, Dawn
Musquiz, Dio
Payne, James
Peterson, Bob
Pratt, Robert
Robinson, Joan
Rudd, Debbie
Rudd, Ty
Walendowski, Rene
Zartman, Jamie

Critique Night at the Arts Center

This Friday night 7:00 – 9:00pm, April 7th, is a special First Friday event at the Western Colorado Arts Center. It’s free and open to the public. The program consists of two guest speakers, Mardee Goff of the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and Sam Harvey of the Harvey Meadows Gallery in Aspen, who will be critiquing artwork from 12 different artists. I have three photographs as part of the show, and best I can tell, the only photographer in the group. It is my understanding that they will be talking more about their response and impression of the art, and how it communicates ideas, than just a technical critique as you might find with TMCC club competitions. But this is all new to me, so we’ll see. For several years, I’ve looked to other art forms as inspiration in my photography, so I’m looking forward to this program. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration of your own, I think you might like attending this event. The Art Center is located at 1803 North 7th Street.


TMCC March minutes

Dawn Morrow opened meeting and made introductions, welcomed visitors.
Donna Fullerton gave her presentation of her photo walk with the National Geographic Staff in Yellowstone. She shared some of her photos. Congratulations Donna on being selected and the wonderful work you did while there.
Representative from Colorado National Monument came to briefy talk about the calendars available. This coming year they also plan to make different calendars as well. They will be having some walks and talks coming soon so stay tuned for announcements.
Upcoming outings: April 22: Mt Garfield hike with Jeff. In May (date to be determined) we will be going to the wild horse area.
Treasurer report: Ona reported that for last month begin balance was 971.53. 0 expenses. Ending balance is 1326.53.
New business: Ona wants to raise money for the club by doing a Calendar and selling them. Theme is flowers around the Grand Valley. Handout:
Our idea is to showcase member photos of flowers in or around the Grand Valley (Western Slope) in a calendar. We are asking members to submit 3 of their favorite flower shots to Donna Fullerton by April 10. The photos submitted will need to be sized to 5.5 x 8.5 “ 300 dpi in landscape format. There will be space for 12 large and 36-48 smaller spaces.
If we are able to get it put together and submitted to printer very shortly the cost of each calendar would be between 3-5 dollars per calendar. We are looking for this as a potential fund raiser for TMCC. The club would pay for the initial cost of printing. The calendars would be available to club members at a nominal cost. Any remaining calendars would be able to be sold at a higher price to the public. It would also be good publicity for the club.
Other new business: Dawn is planning a yard sale this spring with some camera gear.
We also are planning a booth at Farmers Market. This is at a non profit price so anything sold there has to go to the Club.
April 14th is the deadline for next PSA.
Sharon Bradshaw gave presentation on the last PSA photos. Winners were Dawn Morrow, Sharon Bradshaw, Ed Kunzelman, Lupe Herrera, Ona Griffiths, and Marina Schultz. Congrats to the winners.
Dawn Morrow wants ideas for classes that you would like to have. Next week is the last photoshop class with Mike. Email Dawn if you have an outing you would like to have, classes you want to see, or if you have presentation for club.
Jeff announced that this Saturday he will be hiking the Palisade Rim Trail.
Ed Kunzelman did presentation on Jeff’s homework assignment of 10 different shots.
Ed announced that on April 7th there is Critique of Art at the Colorado Art Center from 7-9. This is the first friday in April.
Jeff is planning another homework assignment so keep tuned to the Facebook page.

Join the Photo Discussion

Bob Peterson and myself have posted images from our last PSA competition to the TMCC website, looking for more feedback from club members. Just navigate to the “Join the Discussion” menu at the top of the home page, or “Recent Posts” at the bottom. Click on “Comments” to see what everyone else has to say. Post a photo of your own for which you would like comment. It’s a great way to continue the conversation between club meetings.

Need help with how to post a picture or make a comment? Contact me at First thing you’ll need is a login user name and password. If you’re a new member and don’t have one, contact myself or Dawn at 

Do you see a story in the photo ?

I’d like to receive a few more opinions about my photo. The one comment I recall was the photo did not tell a story. That was very interesting to me because I chose this photo because of the story it told (to me). I tend to have alot of landscape and misc. rock / flower photos, so this one was outside my comfort zone anyway.  Although the story is clear to me, possibly the story within the photo is difficult to see. What do you think ?

I don’t think the judges had the title so I won’t give it here either.

thanks for your thoughts

Color or Black and White?

The competition judges suggested converting this image from color to black and white. Good idea? After all, texture is often emphasized more effectively in a black and white image. By removing color as a distraction, the viewer has little left to look at besides patterns and texture. And as I’ve heard a million times before… if it’s a good picture, it should still be good after you remove the color.

The only problem with that idea, in this case, is that the other thing that caught my eye in addition to the texture was how interesting it was that someone decided to match the paint color of the window trim with that of the bricks. And I simply like the hue of the color. Who knows how long it was before someone decided to cover the bricks up with white paint. But after this image is converted to black and white, the color of the window trim could be about anything. It could be green or blue. You’d have no idea that it matched the brick. Is it a big deal? Maybe not… but it was one of the big reasons this scene caught my eye. A reasonable question often asked is: “Why did you take that picture?” Converting this picture to black and white undermines the answer, in my opinion. Which version do you prefer? Just login and post your comments here.